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Sen. Menendez has been busy working since his indictment

By Agustin C. Torres, The Jersey Journal

The Hudson County raised and trained Big Bad Bob has been extremely busy. It is almost as if since his indictment on federal corruption charges U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez has kicked his legislative work and senior legislative influence into high gear.

Let’s just take a look at the past week as an example. On Monday it was about Flint, Michigan and the lead-laced drinking water in the Wolverine State’s city. Menendez and fellow Garden State Sen. Cory Booker, as well as U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell, Jr. of Paterson, all Democrats, said they will introduce bills in Congress that will call for upgrading the nation’s (and that means Jersey too) less than stellar water systems.

“Flint has taught us all that ignoring our aging water infrastructure has dire consequences,” said Sen. Menendez. “We’ve under invested in our infrastructure, certainly we’ve under invested in water systems, and now we’re paying the price …”


Rubin: Distinguished pols of 2015

By Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

During 2015, we recognized Democrats from time to time who stood tall, defying the White House and liberal dogma. As we enter 2016, it is worth recalling Democrats who annoyed rigid leftists and got too little recognition from Republicans.

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) was the best of the best Democrats, taking on the White House and his party repeatedly to oppose the Iran deal, normalization of relations with Cuba and President Obama’s indifference to human rights. On the Iran deal, the arguments he made were cogent and prescient (e.g., it would embolden Iran in the region, it would bolster Bashar al-Assad). Despite an indictment, he soldiered on and remains the most insightful Democratic voice on national security.


How has Menendez’s indictment affected his Senate duties?

By Jonathan D. Salant, NJ Advance Media

Senator Refuses to Sit in the Sidelines

A few days after the anniversary of 9/11, comedian Jon Stewart, nine lawmakers and dozens of first responders crowded into a Senate hearing room to demand that Congress permanently renew a program providing health benefits and compensation for those injured responding to the terrorist attacks.

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) was among the speakers. “We have to send a very clear message that we not only honor those who sacrificed their lives, we will take care of you as a grateful nation should,” he said.

Menendez, New Jersey’s senior senator, has remained front and center despite his April 1 indictment on charges that he helped a wealthy friend and campaign donor in exchange for trips and contributions.

“Most political leaders under a cloud choose to stay out of sight as much as possible,” said Rogan Kersh, a political science professor and provost at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. “Senator Menendez has embraced the ‘business as usual’ approach with a relish seldom seen in politics past or present.”


Bob Menendez: DOJ violated my constitutional rights


Attorneys for indicted New Jersey Democratic Sen. Robert Menendez have asked a federal judge to dismiss the criminal case against him, arguing that the Justice Department violated his constitutional rights and engaged in prosecutorial misconduct.

Menendez’s legal team, led by well-known defense lawyer Abbe Lowell, filed 14 motions on Monday totaling hundreds of pages. The ensuing court battle over these legal motions could easily delay the start of Menendez’s corruption trial until next year.


Menendez Defense Team Comes Out Blazing

By Hannah Hess, RollCall

With a bolstered defense team, Sen. Robert Menendez is pushing back against corruption charges filed by the Justice Department, arguing much of his conduct is shielded from prosecutors under the Constitution and alleging false testimony from an FBI agent.


Menendez: Prosecutors misled grand jury

By Kathleen Hopkins, Asbury Park Press

Alleged prosecutorial misconduct, government leaks and false and inflammatory testimony are among the reasons defense attorneys say the criminal charges against Sen. Robert Menendez and his eye-doctor friend should be dismissed, according to court documents filed on Monday.


Menendez’s lawyers ask judge to throw out corruption indictment


Lawyers for Sen. Bob Menendez and co-defendant Salomon Melgen urged a judge to set aside their corruption indictments on Monday, arguing improper conduct by prosecutors and FBI agents led to violations of both the Constitution and Supreme Court precedents.

In a series of 15 motions covering more than 400 pages, they argued Menendez was immune from investigation for his official actions and that campaign contributions branded as bribes were really protected free speech.


Menendez lawyers accuse Justice Department of misconduct

By Carol D. Leonnig, The Washington Post

Lawyers for Sen. Robert Menendez accused federal prosecutors and FBI agents Monday of lying to win a corruption indictment against him this spring, saying the Justice Department would “stop at nothing” to try to convict the powerful lawmaker.


What indictment? Robert Menendez remains in the thick of Senate’s action.

By Mike DeBonis, The Washington Post

The Senate had moved on, but Bob Menendez had not.

A month had passed since the bill he co-authored establishing a congressional review of an Iran nuclear deal passed on a veto-proof vote, generating an unusual spate of bipartisan back-patting. And, still, here was the Democratic senior senator from New Jersey last week, giving a lunchtime floor speech detailing centrifuge procurement and ballistic missile ranges and the uses of low-enriched uranium hexafluoride — and casting new doubts on President Obama’s efforts at nuclear rapprochement.


Menendez scores major legislative win with Iran bill

By Nicole Gaudiano, USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – Two weeks after learning he had been indicted on federal bribery charges, Sen. Robert Menendez claimed a major legislative victory Tuesday in the effort to deny Iran a nuclear weapon.

Menendez’s contribution to that effort — legislation requiring congressional approval of any deal with Iran aimed at limiting the country’s nuclear program — won unanimous approval in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


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