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Senator Booker: “Senator Menendez has never wavered in his commitment to the people of New Jersey. He’s been an invaluable resource and a mentor to me since I arrived in the Senate. Our system of justice is designed to be fair and impartial, and it presumes innocence before guilt. I won’t waiver in my commitment to stand alongside my senior Senator to serve our great state. Our nation and state face critical issues and I will continue to partner with Senator Menendez to take on the challenges before you.”

Congressman Albio Sires: “Bob Menendez and I have worked together for years to improve the lives of New Jerseyans. When you look at his work, making laws that give working families the support that they need and ensuring that our communities have the resources they need, it’s clear that he will never stop fighting for our state.

“All Americans, not just Senator Menendez, are entitled to a presumption of innocence. These charges are just an accusation. My friend, Bob Menendez is not going anywhere. I know that he will get through this and nothing will distract him from doing what he does best, fighting for New Jersey.”

Congressman Luis Gutierrez: “Bob Menendez has never given me any reason to question his integrity, his dedication to honest public service or his commitment to the American people.  As a leader in the House and in the Senate, he has been a key ally in fighting for sensible immigration reform and a touchstone for all matters related to Latinos in this country.  He is a friend who is quick with advice, encouragement and good ideas.  I am particularly proud of his leadership on foreign policy matters related to Latin America.  My hope is that these legal matters are resolved quickly so he can go back to concentrating 100 percent on his service to the people of New Jersey and the United States.”

Congressman Tony Cardenas: “Senator Menendez has been a friend to me personally and a public servant dedicated to the betterment of communities in New Jersey and throughout America. His efforts continue to positively impact the lives of American families every day. He plays a fundamental role in ensuring that every voice in discussions, throughout our nation’s capital, is heard. I know he will not only continue this role, but will grow stronger as a legislator and a resource for the people of his state. As his friend and his colleague, I believe in Senator Bob Menendez, I support him and will continue to do so.”

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop: “I’ll say today the same exact thing I said two weeks ago when a suspicious leak started this conversation.  Anyone who makes an assumption here is underestimating Senator Menendez. The Senator has been a voice on international issues that has kept NJ safe, and has been an advocate for issues that impact working families in NJ every single day. Accusations unfortunately are nothing new in government and Senator Menendez, as all Americans are, is entitled to a presumption of innocence and that is what we should adhere today based on his demonstrated history of service, lack of facts, and circumstances surrounding leaked information.”

New Jersey Senator Ray Lesniak: “Bob Menendez and I have been working together to stand up for the residents of New Jersey for almost 30 years. We’ve fought to improve access to transit, create good paying jobs, and to hold oil and chemical companies accountable when they try to put profits over the safety of our residents and the health of our environment.

“We must reserve judgment until all of the facts are known. These charges are only accusations and not a finding of guilt.”

Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo: “I’ve had the opportunity to see, first-hand, the benefits of the work Bob Menendez has done on behalf of all New Jerseyans. Whether it was his work to pass legislation to help families or to provide funding to ease the strain on municipal and county budgets, he’s always fought for us. Senator Menendez cares deeply about the people he represents and is a fierce advocate for them in Congress.

“Senator Menendez, as all Americans are, is entitled to a presumption of innocence, and I am sure he welcomes the opportunity to clearly state his case.  I look forward to the resolution of this matter so Senator Menendez can continue his work on behalf of the citizens of Essex County and New Jersey.”

State Chairman John Currie: “Senator Menendez is a friend, and more importantly, a life-long public servant and advocate committed to helping the residents of New Jersey.  In fact, there is no one in Congress more committed to fixing our broken immigration system and addressing other important issues facing our nation.  The Senator has told me personally that none of his actions were inappropriate or unlawful, and I truly believe him. During this difficult time for him and his family,  I will continue to proudly stand with my friend Bob Menendez.

“I trust that Senator Menendez will mount a robust defense against the Justice Department’s charges and I look forward to a day when these charges are fully adjudicated, and we can put all these allegations behind us.”

NJ Democrats Vice-Chair Lizette Delgado-Polanco: “Senator Menendez has been a leader for New Jersey and a true friend to labor. He has fought for policies that have put people to work, upgrade our crumbling infrastructure, improve conditions for women, and advance the middle and working class.  He has stood up to big corporations and special interests, and refused to back down from his core principles, no matter who has challenged them.”

“There is a special place for Senator Menendez in the hearts and minds of everyone in the Latino community. He has been our champion and an inspiration to future generations of young Hispanics in pursuit of the American Dream. New Jersey’s Latino community is greatly indebted to Senator Menendez for his life-long commitment to comprehensive immigration reform.”

“I have known Bob Menendez for decades. He is as passionate as his compassionate.  He has devoted his entire career in public service to lifting up the most vulnerable in our society and lending his voice to the voiceless. He fights for the issues he believes are in the best interest of our state and the nation. Nothing I have heard changes my opinion of the Bob Menendez we all know, respect and admire.“

Essex County State Senator Teresa Ruiz: “This year, I was honored when Senator Menendez asked me to join him as he recognized five trailblazing women from our state in the name of his mother, Evangelina. The impact that she had on him was clear from the passion and emotion in his voice. He learned his famous work ethic from watching his mother work long hours in harsh conditions to make ends meet. Knowing that she left everything she had ever known behind in Cuba just to give him a shot at a better life taught him that when it comes to doing what’s right, there’s no obstacle that’s too big. It’s what drives him to fight for working families and it’s what drives him to stand up every single day until women are given rights equal to men.”

“I know that my friend, Bob, will not back down and he has my support.”

Camden Mayor Dana Redd: “During my time as Mayor, I have confronted a number of challenges to improve the quality of life for Camden’s residents. From making our neighborhoods safer, to stabilizing our finances, to stimulating economic development, to tackling education reform, real progress has been made because of the many partners who have assisted us and believe in Camden —- partners like Senator Menendez. Without a doubt, Senator Menendez has always been a true champion in Washington for Camden.  When state budget cuts forced us to make tough decisions, the Senator fought to bring back federal funds to keep our residents safe.”

“I hope that the presumption of his innocence is respected and look forward to him being given the opportunity to defend himself against these accusations.”

Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise: “Even though Bob Menendez has made it all the way to the United States Senate, he’s never forgotten that he started as a young man in Hudson County fighting to improve access to education. It’s what drives him to keep fighting for the what’s most important to us, things like funding to expand the Hudson Bergen Light Rail, fixing our immigration system, and expanding access to health care.”

“Bob’s opponents have been trying to bring him down for years and have failed miserably every time. I have full confidence that he’ll get through this and won’t let it distract him from doing the job that he was elected to do by the people of New Jersey.”

Speaker of NJ State Assembly Vinnie Prieto: “No one in Washington fights for New Jersey like Senator Menendez. When working families were faced with the threat of the unfair Alternative Minimum Tax, Bob Menendez stopped it. When flood insurance rate hikes threatened to force families from their homes, Bob Menendez stopped them. Now, as President Obama is giving in to the brutal Castro regime and trying to restore relations without even securing the return of a convicted cop-killer in return, we need Bob Menendez to stop him.

“This investigation has been questionable from the beginning when the FBI began looking into fraudulent claims, claims possibly spread by the Cuban government, and it still stinks today. I hope that Senator Menendez continues to fight back and that he continues standing up for New Jersey.”

New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney: “Senator Menendez has worked tirelessly for the people of New Jersey and this country, especially in his advocacy for federal aid following Superstorm Sandy. The justice system in the United States is premised on the principle of innocent until proven guilty and Senator Menendez should not be judged until he has his day in court.”

Assemblyman Jamel Holley: “I can speak about the Senator’s efforts to help the people in Union County,” said Assemblyman Jamel Holley. “Specifically, Senator Menendez was a leader in securing funding for the Rahway River study to help prevent flooding in Union County. Over the years, he has consistently provided federal funding to support our local police and fire departments. He has also been a leader in helping Superstorm Sandy victims, as well as promoting diversity at all levels of the public and private sector.”

“It is important for us all to remember that the Senator is innocent until proven guilty, and I look forward to hearing his response to the allegations in a court of law.”

Assemblywomen Annette Quijano: “Senator Menendez has been a voice for the voiceless for decades now. His advocacy on behalf of Latinos and his tireless work on behalf of all of the residents of New Jersey are admirable.

“When our state was battered by Superstorm Sandy, he fought endlessly on behalf of the victims whose homes were lost or damaged to ensure that the federal government did everything in its power to help them get back on their feet.

“I stand with my colleagues and many constituents throughout the state when I offer my steadfast support of Sen. Menendez as this process plays out.”



Assemblyman Gary S. Schaer: Senator Menendez has demonstrated his unqualified support for Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East and America’s staunchest ally, his commitment to ensure that Iran not be allowed to develop an arsenal of nuclear weapons, and his vision of an America where all have the opportunity to succeed, distinguishes the lifelong career of Senator Menendez. I stand with Senator Menendez as he fights these charges.”


Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack: “I stand with Senator Menendez, recognizing the positive impact that he continues to have on our working class residents. Like all Americans, the Senator is entitled to a presumption of innocence. The public should question motives after reflecting on how this matter unraveled.”


Bergen County Chairman Lou Stellato: “Senator Menendez, as all Americans are, is entitled to a presumption of innocence. This is just an accusation and we have not yet seen all of the facts. I have learned throughout my career that even the flattest pancake has two sides. I look forward to the resolution of his case.”


Mayor Alex Blanco: “The charges from the Department of Justice are disappointing, especially given my experience with all the positive things Senator Menendez has done for the City of Passaic and New Jersey.

“Senator Menendez has always fought for Passaic, particularly our diverse community of immigrants. I look forward to the Senator fighting back against these charges as hard as he has fought for us.”


Essex County Democratic Chairman LeRoy Jones: As the chairman of the Essex County Democrats, I’ve had the opportunity to see the tireless advocacy of Senator Menendez on behalf of New Jersey residents.

“Senator Menendez’s record speaks for itself; he is a proven fighter who gets results. He has worked with our local, county, and state officials to fund important improvements and provide valuable services to improve the lives of all of Essex County residents.

“Bob Menendez has been a dedicated public servant who has spent his life working to improve Essex County and New Jersey.  Senator Menendez is entitled to the presumption of innocence and I look forward to the resolution of this matter so he can continue to work to improve the lives of residents in Essex County and New Jersey.”


Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis: “During my time as Mayor it has been an honor and privilege to share Bayonne’s constituency with Bob Menendez. As a Senator, he fights for us, is an advocate for Bayonne on the Federal level, but, moreover, is a true friend and ally of all the people who call New Jersey home.”

“With regard to these charges: They are an accusation. As Americans we are all entitled to the presumption of innocence and the impartiality of the justice system – As such, I await and look forward to the resolution of his case.”

Janet Murguia, National Council of La Raza (Blog/OpEd): “NCLR highly values the partnership we have with Senator Menendez and are proud of the work we have done together on behalf of the 55 million Hispanics in this great nation. We owe him a large debt of gratitude for his efforts, for his unwavering commitment, and for his courageous dedication. As he has been there for us, we will be there for him.”

Frank Sharry, Executive Director, America’s Voice: “Senator Bob Menendez is a leader who I have worked with on immigration reform for over a decade.  I know him well and love him dearly.  He has been a tireless fighter for immigrants and immigration reform.  He has been relentless and effective.  He was a key member of the Senate ‘Gang of 8’ who birthed the comprehensive immigration reform bill that passed in 2013 on a bipartisan basis by a whopping vote of 68-32.  He has consistently fought for an achievable path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, for the speedy reunification of families separated by our outdated immigration system and for the immigrants to be treated fairly in immigration proceedings.  He has courageously stood up for those marginalized by political system and dehumanized by a nasty streak of nativism in American society.  And he is a major reason why Dreamers won relief under DACA, why some 5 million undocumented immigrants are on the verge of living without fear in the country they now call home, and why comprehensive immigration reform is an idea whose time has come for some three quarters of the American public.

“My fervent hope is that Senator Menendez emerges from the current troubles stronger than ever.  For he is not only the senior Senator for New Jersey; he is also the senior Senator for Latinos in America.”

 Mickey Ibarra, Latino Leaders Network:  “The Latino Leaders Network—an organization dedicated to “Bringing Leaders Together,” first honored Bob Menendez in 2004 at its inaugural Latino Leaders Luncheon Series in Boston during the Democratic National Convention. Over 500 Latino leaders from across the country assembled to honor the newly elected chairman of the U.S. House Democratic Caucus and to listen to Bob’s personal story of obstacles overcome to achieve success.

“For his entire career, Bob Menendez has been a remarkable and indispensable public servant for New Jersey residents and the national Latino community. As the highest-ranking Latino in Congress, he has continuously broken glass ceilings and prioritized the importance of inclusion at all levels of government and the private sector.

“As the political influence of the Latino-American community continues to grow to better reflect our nation’s demographic landscape, we recognize that Senator Menendez has been at the helm of that transformation from the very beginning. Bob Menendez embodies the promise of America—that if you work hard and play by the rules, you can make it in our country.

“Leaks and innuendo do not equate to guilt, and the Senator deserves a fair and just trial, not a political witch hunt. We owe someone who has fought so hard for us these basic American rights.

“The Latino Leaders Network stands-by the Eagle Leadership Award presented to Congressman Bob Menendez in 2004 and again to Senator Menendez in 2006 for his outstanding contributions to the Latino community and our nation.”

 Brent Wilkes, Executive Director, League of United Latin American Citizens: “As the Nation’s largest and oldest Latino membership organization, the League of United Latin American Citizens regularly works with members of Congress on issues of importance to our community.

“Senator Bob Menendez has been the Latino community’s biggest and most consistent champion during the entire time he has been in Congress.

“From leading the charge on comprehensive immigration reform to ensuring Latinos were covered by the Affordable Care Act and from protecting Latino consumers from deceptive practices to opening new doors for small business owners, Bob Menendez has delivered hard-fought legislative victories to Latinos on our top priorities throughout his career.

“As the highest-ranking Latino in Congress, Senator Menendez has also prioritized the importance of inclusion at all levels of government and the private sector.

“For these reasons, LULAC has honored Senator Menendez on multiple occasions, including bestowing upon him the LULAC National Legislative Award—our organization’s highest award for Members of Congress.

Javier Palomarez, President & CEO, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: “The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce was pleased to have the participation of Senator Bob Menendez, along with other senior leaders of the U.S Senate last week during our Legislative Summit, an annual gathering of business advocates, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives in Washington, DC. During the Summit, Senator Menendez addressed our group and discussed his efforts to promote more diversity and leadership in corporate America. This issue has been a focal point of our association since its inception.

“While the membership of our organization is quite diverse, the USHCC’s primary constituency is Hispanic business owners. Their interests are at the heart of Senator Menendez’s newly updated survey on corporate diversity. Additionally, their interests have driven Senator Menendez’s wider efforts in the Senate on several policy issues that affect American enterprise.

“Throughout his career, Senator Menendez has devoted his time and energy to ensuring Hispanic entrepreneurs have a voice in America’s policy debates. As the highest-ranking Latino in Congress, he has continuously broken glass ceilings and prioritized the importance of inclusion at all levels of government and the private sector.

“The USHCC appreciates its long standing partnership with Senator Bob Menendez, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with him.”

Rabbi Aaron Kotler, Lakewood NJ: “Senator Bob Menendez has long been a principled defender and tireless friend of Israel. He is a steadfast supporter of freedom who has championed the strategic bonds between the United States and Israel, which is the only true democracy in the Mideast and America’s most steadfast ally.   Bob Menendez’s continued voice is sorely needed and we hope will be undiminished in the months and years ahead.”

Rabbi Kotler serves as President of Beth Medrash Govoha, a Talmudic institution in Lakewood NJ.

Leaders of New Jersey’s South Asian Community: With his deep understanding of the issues and unique ability to get things done in a time of extreme partisan gridlock, Senator Menendez truly stands apart from his peers. That’s why when we need help from our legislators in Washington, we turn to him and he always comes through. He helped draft the law that has enabled thousands of our neighbors to access health care by making insurance more affordable and ending bans on exclusions for preexisting conditions. He’s been a champion for small businesses, working to support tax reform and create incentives to spur innovation. When we finally fix our broken immigration system, there’s no doubt that he’ll be the one driving the conversation.
Given his strong record of addressing the needs and concerns of our community in New Jersey, it was no surprise when Senator Menendez used his leadership position on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to deepen our ties with key nations in South Asia. With his help, our businesses will have greater access to these emerging markets, helping our economy grow.
We know that nothing will stop Senator Menendez from continuing this important work and we are standing with him.
Signed by:
  • Jasal Amin, Trustee, Asian American Retailers Association
  • Dhiren Amin, President, Indian Business Association
  • Nandu Balija, Vice –Chairman,  Sri Guruvayurappan emple of Monmouth County
  • Gul Mohammed, South Asian Restaurant Association
  • Anil Patel, Trustee, Indian Cultural Society of NJ (Union County)
  • Chandrakant Patel, Trustee, Indo American Cultural Society
  • Harshad Patel, Trustee, KPCA
  • K.D. Patel, President, National Indo Cooperative Enterprises – South Jersey
  • Vijayaraghavan Poondi, Founding Member, Franklin Township Balaji Mandir
  • Mahesh Shah, Trustee, Nijanand International
  • Manher Shah, Fmr. President, Jain Samaj
  • Ritesh Shah, Chairman, NJRxPAC
  • Jiby Thomas, Regional Vice President,  Federation of Malayallee Associations of America
  • Ifti Turab, President, Rise Pakistan


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